We strive for longterm relationships not just one night stands.

We've been in business for over 18 years. Over that time we've met many wonderful people. The people that give us their business generally do so for several reasons.

1. They like us.

2. They trust us.

3. Our Sevice/Price ratio is the best they've found.

4. They desire to establish a long-term 2-way relationship with our business.

We show our appreciation for their business with continued "beyond the norm" levels of service, advice and time (refreshing isn't it?) Preferred customers get price breaks on equipment, equipment service, trips, and they also get more time and attention when they have needs that require our expertise and service.

A wise customer of mine once said "Price, Quality, Service....pick two." As the owner of Atlantis Scuba I strive to manage all 3!

Atlantis Scuba isn't the cheapest store in town, but we're not the most expensive either I'll wager. With top quality branded equipment and a talented and friendly Owner/Operator you can't go wrong.

If this philosophy is in line with yours and you want scuba in your life, give us a call or come on by!