If you are shopping for quality instruction, that's what we are about! If you are undecided and shopping for dive instruction, here's a tip....take note of how many pool sessions, you receive when comparing various shops. If it's one or two pool cram sessions; buyer beware!

Ask your friends and neighbors, you'll be surprised by how many divers are out there. Odds are we trained some of them and our reputation should speak for itself. DFW is actually a hotbed for scuba diving because of our fantastic airports and airlines. World class diving is as close as only two and a half hours!

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Upcoming Classes

Open Water

Mar 20 - 23
Apr 24 - 27
May 22 - 25
Jun 12 - 15
Jul 10 - 13
jul 17 - 20

Apr 4, 5
May 2, 3
Jun 6, 7
Jun 27, 28
Jul 25, 26
Jul 25, 26

Advanced Open Water

Jul 18, 23

Check Out
Jul 27, 28

PADI Rescue

Sep 10, 12, 15, 17

Check Out
Sep 21, 22

PADI Specialist

Equipment: Dec 16, 20, 21
Refresher: Upon request

PADI NITROX Certification

Available on Request at

Usually not a problem!

From semi-private to private courses available.
We can fix just about any scheduling!

Typical Training Schedule

Typcial Schedule Typcial Schedule

Rental Equipment


We've been in business for over 22 years. Over that time we've met many wonderful people. The people that give us their business generally do so for several reasons.

We show our appreciation for their business with continued "beyond the norm" levels of service, advice and time (refreshing isn't it?). Preferred customers get price breaks on equipment, equipment service, trips, and they also get more time and attention when they have needs that require our expertise and service!

What we rent:

Tanks, BCDs, Regulators w/ Gauges and Octos, Console Gauges, Weights and/or Weight Belts, Wet Suits and Dive Computers.

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Travel and Adventure

Having been in business for a bit (1996) and done quite a few trips, our dive destinations are somewhat reactive in nature these days. You tell me where you'd like to go, we build interest, get people together and put the trip together! So let me know what tickles your fancy! Pick up the phone, give us a call!


August 29 - September 1
$1000 + Air

USVI/BVI Sail and Dive

September 2 - 5
$1000 + Air

SOLD OUT Grenadines Sail and Add Diving

October 4 - 11
$1400 + Air

Grenadines Sail and Add Diving

October 14-21
$1400 + Air

Playa del Carmen Bull Shark trip, nice digs!

January 30 - February 2 2020
$1048 + Air

SOLD OUT Tubbataha liveaboard

April 4 - 11 2020
$3999 + Air

Palau Aggressor liveaboard

August 2 - 9 2020
$3499 + Air

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